Mission Statement and Vision


The mission of the Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company is to bring vibrant classical theatre to a modern audience.


Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company will strive to bring the words of classical playwrights to the forefront in clear, provocative, and dynamic productions for the city and the region. The plays of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan and Jacobean playwrights will serve as the backbone of the Company’s repertoire. Savage Rose will also explore classical works ranging from the Greeks, the French Neoclassicists, the English Restoration, 19th century melodrama, and Grand Guignol, up to and including our modern classics and literary adaptations. The educational component of the Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company will be to perform for area students, and educate both students and teachers on the relevance and resonance of classical theatre in today’s world. As a part of the educational structure of this Corporation, Savage Rose Classical Theatre will also offer training opportunities to local artists.