About Us

Savage Rose was founded in 2008, with its first production, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore opening in 2009. Since then, Savage Rose has produced 26 plays spanning from 400 BCE to the 1960s.

Founder Barrett Cooper named the company after two popular Elizabethan theaters: The Rose, which was the first theater to stage Shakespeare’s plays, and The Bell Savage, from “Belle Savauge” meaning “Beautiful Savage.” “The productions lend themselves to the beauty of the language, and yet they are savage. I wanted there to be an element of danger — a fierceness and unpredictability to the plays,” says Cooper.

“We are producing plays that nobody else does. There were people who didn’t have a lot of opportunity to do classical work, and that’s why our Words Words Words Play Reading Series came about. It was not only for actors to continue training with the language, but to train audiences to come and listen to them. It’s all about the word. It’s not about a director’s concept — the concept comes out of the play. That’s something I’ve been very staunch about and something that I’ve protected with this company very much. And I hope that continues.”